Within automation we have Tyco AI, an ever-evolving, deep learning solution that is infusing Artificial Intelligence into the Tyco security technology portfolio. With these new capabilities, Tyco AI provides a new, more autonomous approach to alerts, searches, privacy and access, leveraging a facility’s surveillance infrastructure and reducing the need for operator intervention.

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Enabled by the powerful algorithms in Tyco AI, object classification and behaviour and facial recognition analytics become exponentially faster and more accurate, enabling the industry-leading suite of Tyco’s automation solutions for access control and video surveillance to produce critical and customizable operational intelligence data for nearly any customer application.

Tyco AI solutions

Frictionless Access Control

Tyco facial recognition technology is already embedded into the Illustra Insight, an automated access control device that combines a leading-edge security camera and facial recognition to seamlessly grant or deny access without cards or mobile credentials. Using Tyco AI, Illustra Insight can simultaneously recognize and make decisions about multiple faces in the camera’s field of view. As part of the camera’s anti-spoofing technology, two imagers create a 3D facial topology that provides enhanced facial detection to determine whether a face is actually a human or a picture.

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Face Matching

Facial Matching solution provides notification of arriving persons of interest. Designed to provide actionable intelligence, facial matches can be monitored in live video overlays or delivered in notifications. When using the Exacq Mobile application, a video clip is presented for verification. Faces can be classified into different categories so that personnel can be deployed to respond appropriately. Enabled by Tyco AI, this deep learning facial recognition engine provides high accuracy facial matching, even with partially obscured faces due to glasses, hats, and varied angles of view.

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Mask Detection

As companies scramble to implement safeguards to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, intelligent applications can quickly put information into the hands of facility decision makers tasked with maintaining safe environments. Through its integration with Tyco AI, exacqVision 20.09 introduces face mask detection, making it easier for businesses to be proactive about reducing risks.

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Person of Interest

Allows video system operators to locate suspects of interest in just a few moments. Perform searches of people using a previously saved image or from still images captured from live video within victor Client. The results for these searches can be sorted by relevance or time, and selected clips can be saved/ exported.

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Recommended Camera Stream

Resolution2MP (1080P)
Frames per Second15

Recommended Camera Placement

Zoom~200 pixels per foot
AngleDirect front-facing view
Scene LightingFaces lit at 200 lux. Minimize background brightness
Component4 Channel Face Recognition16 Channel Face Recognition
CPU1 x Intel Core i9-9820X 3.3GHz with 10 cores2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6230 2.1GHz with 20 cores
GPU1 x Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB4 x Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB
Storage512GB SSD
4TB 7200rpm SATA enterprise HDD
4TB 7200rpm SATA enterprise HDD
Network2 x 1GB Ethernet NICs
Video traffic
2 x 1GB Ethernet NICs
Video traffic