Cyber Security article for Benchmark October 2018

A Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

The introduction of IP network security solutions has delivered significant benefits, but the potential downside is that they are open to cyber attack.

If you are a small business owner with perhaps one or two fashion stores, having your security system hacked into may not seem a major issue, even though you have an obligation to respect your customers’ privacy and data. However, if you are involved in mission critical activities which demand a high level of security, malicious cyber attacks can have dire consequences.

Tyco, the security products division of Johnson Controls. believe the prime responsibility for combatting efforts access to confidential data or video by individual opportunistic hacker or organised criminal gangs lies squarely with the manufacturers of hardware and software solutions. In this respect, the threat to the reputation of the electronic security industry and more importantly, the potential consequential loss to our customers, has fully justified the significant efforts made by Tyco’s design engineers to ensure the credentials of security solutions is our number one priority.

The Tyco Cyber Protection Program is one of the industry’s first to offer a holistic approach to cyber security for physical security products. The six part program is designed to give installers, systems integrators and end-users the confidence that we have minimised the possibility of introducing vulnerabilities into our electronic security solutions. It has been developed with the benefit of experience of providing high security and mission critical solutions to Government and multi-national customers over several decades.

The program takes on-board feedback from IT, security professional and cyber security experts in order to combine best practice during the product development, testing and evaluation process, as well as configuration guidelines for compliance in order to protect our physical security products from attack, damage, disruption, unauthorised access or misuse.

Tyco has set the bar extremely high with our access control solutions, video management systems and Illustra IP cameras, and are committed to employing the same cyber safety mindset across other product lines within our product portfolio.

An unsecured IP camera or access control device can be the weakest link in any security system as it offers the opportunity for hackers to find a way onto a company’s network with the possibility to gain access to company confidential data, disable systems and disrupt operations. With this in mind, in addition to the testing conducted by our Cyber Protection team, we arrange for independent testing to be conducted annually on our products to ensure that any new firmware or software updates do not open the ‘back door’.

Tyco understands that a system secured today may become insecure tomorrow with the announcement of a new vulnerability. The Cyber Protection team is constantly monitoring a variety of sources, from the US National Vulnerability Database, to various media and professional sources to identify new vulnerabilities that may impact our cyber program-compliant products.

World’s First UL Level 3 Certification Awarded to VideoEdge NVR

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) manufactured by Tyco, the security products division of Johnson Controls, has been the first in the world to be awarded UL Level 3 certification, the new standard for cyber security for Life Safety and Security Products.

The VideoEdge NVR, incorporating software version 5.2, was approved by certification body UL to the highest level of the standard following an in-depth review of the product and its development process, as well as Tyco’s ability to respond to any new vulnerabilities which may emerge.

Achieving Level 3 certification for VideoEdge is a major accomplishment and is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our technical colleagues who are committed to continually improving the cyber security of our hardware products and software solutions.

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